How much does it cost per hour to 3d print?

We created this 3D printer labor cost calculator for our friends who run 3D printer farms in their garage as a side business. It's a quick way to give your client a quote for a job. The “cost per hour” field allows you to easily play with what you want to charge for printing time. Remember that your new 3D printer won't last forever and will need to be replaced with a new one within 3 to 5 years.

This function automatically calculates and displays the final cost based on the printing time estimate entered by a user. These are companies that offer you the flexibility to share your 3D printing design file with them and the quality and quantity of functional parts or prototypes you need, and in turn, offer you the functional part or prototype delivered instead. To make the complete part and working prototype customer-ready, each owner of a 3D printing business would need to perform some of the other types of post-processing that will include methods such as sanding the part or the functional prototype being manufactured. Users of this website can learn the cost of 3D printing a functional part or prototype by manipulating the duration of printing, the cost of the material, the profit margin, as well as the energy consumption of the printer, the price of electricity, the parts to be manufactured, etc.

add profit margins in addition to the cost of 3D printing. By reviewing the facts mentioned above, you can now correctly imagine what 3D printing of a working part or prototype is burdened to your customers. To make things easier for you, we've created a 3D printing price calculator where you can enter all of this data to find your minimum hourly price. After 3D printing, the resulting print must be cured, cleaned and polished before it can be considered usable.

This seemed like a great idea because it's easy to determine how much it will cost to 3D print a model for both library users and staff compared to the weight-based pricing scheme. But before we get straight to the point, we'll take a little detour to 3D printing service providers to give an overview to readers who don't know much about 3D printing.

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