Why does 3d modeling take so long?

In the case of the first element, the circular saw, production was relatively simple because a CAD base did not have too many complex shapes. So even with all the editing, rendering and post-production of lighting and reflections, it took about two business days to make this 3D model. While the second element, an ornate watch, was much more difficult to achieve. To create a 3D model of a product with such great relief, 3D artists need to use 3D sculpting software, such as ZBrush.

The process is difficult and time-consuming. Even the most skilled professionals spend days carefully creating a 3D model of a product from a block of polygons. Therefore, the most structurally difficult design is organic shapes, lots of small details, etc., the longer it will take to recreate it in 3D. Even though it's a minority, it's worth mentioning that some genetically engineered people have a harder time with 3D perception.

Keep in mind that when a rendering starts, the program looks at everything in your scene, from nodes to models, through textures and shadows. These shapes can be tempting to use when making 3D models, but their multiple sides make it difficult to sculpt later in the animation process. Whenever possible, keep a copy of any art you use as the basis for your 3D model handy. Of course, the decor and other accessories may be of lower quality than the 3D product model if they are blurred to focus attention on the centerpiece.

Your one-stop resource for everything related to 3D and 2D visualization in biology, including anatomy, medical imaging, 3D animation, 3D scanning and printing, tutorials, models, videos, 3D reconstruction, microscopy, quantification, education, jobs and more. Learning the basics of 3D modeling is easy, and the software and tools it contains can be learned in just a few weeks. And if the final 3D video needs to be longer and requires some complex post-production effects, and the object has a lot of moving parts that need to be shown in action, the manufacturer can add a few weeks to the project timeline. It can be tempting to try to create a complex model after becoming familiar with the basics of 3D modeling software.

The main thing that influences the time it will take to get the full 3D rendering is the level of detail required by the project.

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